the weekend kicked off with a visit from our boy!  he didn't come home with bags full of laundry like i (stereotypically) expected.  he didn't even bring a suitcase. or a bag.  in fact he didn't bring anything!  he walked out of his dorm room with his wallet and keys. and of course his phone. 

the biggest shock was seeing what was under that hat!  it was bad. haircuts on campus are $17. "$20 with a tip."  $17 was way too much of 'his' money to throw away on a nice even hair. (and you spent almost that much on lunch at chipotle!?!)  

SO. he let his friend use clippers with a guard to buzz his head. that above average sized head with hair less than an inch long.  it was bad. the hair was uneven, gaped and jagged. but hey!  he saved money. i never thought i would say, "i fixed a messed up haircut." 

 at least he was clean shaven. and getting a great big hug from a boy now bigger than his father, was nice! he is so happy. loves college life! 

 jeff and bennett set off on a dove hunt while the girls and i enjoyed the last regular swim meet. (gotta love a sport with a short season!) it was a home meet and a  lot of work. we invited almost 15 schools. the girls were at the pool at 9:30 am and  home after 7pm!
 mary claire has loved being able to participate in a school sport. there's something about competing for your school that just feels good!

 mary claire placed second in all of her events!
 my kids are so easy to tell apart. jeff and i joke that they each look like they have a different set of parents. but in swim goggles and a cap, i had a hard time telling my girls apart. thankfully  anna katherine has a black goggle strap and mary claire as gray. 

this looks just like anna katherine... 

 it was a beautiful day, thank goodness! because this was a long meet. all meets are long, so when we say it's "really long." pack a lunch and pack a dinner! maybe even your pajamas. 

i was a timer. i love having a poolside seat, minus the seat. i love meeting new people from other schools. i timed with some super nice ladies.
the five hours flew by. well not really flew. if i had not been standing four feet from a whistle blowing mad man, it would have.  we have loud speakers, microphones and buzzers. none of them compared to the volume of this whistle,

this official took whistle blowing to a whole new level.  half way through the meet, i was experiencing ringing in the ears accompanied  with major road pool rage. i asked my fellow timer if this was bothering her as much as me. "no i started my day with an ativan ."
 lovely, i stated my day with coffee

 anna katherine made a personal best! she has been trying all season to break her 50 free time. by .08 seconds. like can't they just round up? her daddy kept telling her, "you just need to swim faster."  ;)   those words meant a guaranteed eye roll. 

 our girls teamed placed second! 
next week is state! 

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