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mary claire and i have been busy packing for a field trip. a SIX day field trip. when you read the itinerary it sounds brutal.  but i took this same trip with anna katherine five years ago and we had SO much fun. the packing is overwhelming. only because you can't run  to walmart if you forget something. plus my food issues plus tying up loose ends at work plus a ladies ministry kick off. it's been a very busy week. one of the last items on my checklist is a little phone dump. so here goes :)

when swim season ends, mandatory home exercise starts :)
 homecoming at school
photo by Mr. Hoskins

 my little girls in action group is just the sweetest!
we made our fall random acts of kindness walk.

 bennett was home one night and anna katherine woke up to this.
nutella is a rare commodity around here and when big brother finishes off a jar... shots fired ;) 
every once in awhile, no matter how busy you are, one must "stop and smell the roses." i stopped to pet the sweetest horse!
my sweet friend / office assistant got married last weekend!
a beautiful young lady.

work had me out of the house several mornings at 6:30 am.
the view, the coffee, the fact that i am a morning person
 ~ glorious!
if i lived closer to a dunkin' doughnuts, i would buy a coffee everyday.
{large with two creams and a shot of butter pecan}
 my car was almost towed. as in the tow truck was six inches from my car. the guard pointed to the reserved parking and said "park there." i was over one spot too many. a united states marshall was off the chain irate. the nicest man (from  my home town) recognized my car and talked him off a cliff. 
last but not least. we celebrated two birthdays this week. happy birthday chase! i remember when bennett turned 18. i told him he was now old enough to join the military. his response, "yeah, they're giving away a free knife if you join. i need a new knife."

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