happy halloween week! our family cut off date for trick-or-treating door to door is fifth grade. which makes this the last year for mary claire. boo! but my guys will never be too big to carve a pumpkin or chow down on candy.
we carved these guys at the very beginning of the month. we knew they would never make it anywhere close to halloween. but bennett's weekends home are limited. thankfully it was cool outside and no one protested! 

daddy takes his pumpkin carving very seriously!
our pupkin kit tools are never good enough!

man i do not want this to creep into our pumpkin carving tradition. for the last few years, bennett has 'carved' his with this...

i texted him the following two pictures at school. 
"mom, these are the best pictures! thank you!"
funny because i do not think he has ever said this about any pictures.

our finished pumpkins.
in less than a week, they turned into pumpkin slime.

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