happy eleventh birthday mary claire. 

 our little girl is not so little anymore. she came into the world a month early screaming and full of personality. she made her presence known. eleven years later and not much has changed :) she is sweet and creative and funny and full of every emotion you can imagine. 
she loves to read. her favorite hangout at school is in the library with mrs. goodson. she loves animals, real and stuffed. she loves to sleep in total darkness with a bed full of animals (the stuffed ones.)  the first thing she does every morning is hug her cats. she loves to draw and paint. sheenjoys cooking and is not a picky eater. she reminds her daddy so much of his mother. oh how we wish she could have met her. 

she brings joy to our family!
this year she opted for a pair of boots over a party. (thank you, thank you!) here's the low down on how she spent her special day (days) 

her big brother came home from college with the coolest spirit jersey e-v-e-r! according to mary claire.  side note: again bennett arrived home with his car keys. he washed this outfit twice  while he was home. i'm so grateful he enjoys clean clothes. if he could only enjoy a clean shave.
a new raincoat from her big sister!
 i took my eyes off of my niece for five minutes and bennett converted her from a gamecock to a tiger. ;) really it was cold and sweet girl needed a jacket. 
anna katherien loving liza's dog purse.
the grandparents met us for lunch.
and then we shopped... and shopped... and shopped. no worry, she barely spent any of her birthday money ~ which is more draining than multiple purchases. and i despise claire's and justice. 

on her real birthday... mary claire went to school :)  she was excited to see "her balloon" in the hallway. then it was an evening of full blown partying. anna katherine splurged at the dollar store and had the kitchen looking mighty festive. there were balloons, crowns, whistles and plastic champagne glasses. mary clare dinner requests were: mexican pizzas, salads and V-8 juice.

 last weekend jeff a nd mary claire screened in her tree house. afterwards they searched our little town high and low for jiffy pop to cook over a campfire. they never found any, but daddy came through with four bags for her birthday!
we made a gluten free cookie cake and it was so delicious! 
she decorated it herself. 

bennett joined us via anna katherine's phone.

she went to bed saying this was the "best birthday ever!" 
happy birthday sweet girl!

DawnW said...

What a wonderful birthday!! Looks like so much fun with a sweet and happy family!! Your whole family is so photogenic, Heidi!! Happy Birthday to Mary Claire!!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Happy Birthday to Mary Claire! Sounds like a great birthday celebration! I would rather poke my eyes out with a screwdriver than have to go to Claire's! ;)

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