hashtag GEMS!

thursday was the kick off for our women's ministry! woo-hoo! i am a small part of the planning committee.  

this group of ladies is overflowing with love for the Lord! some are crafty, encouraging, planners, performers, go getters, prayer warriors... and then there's me. i take the pictures ;) a.k.a. the publicity committee. 
 we set up a photo booth at the kick off. man these ladies are FUN! and sorry if i chopped off your face. the full images are on the GEMS Facebook page.

i am paired with the sweetest little lady. you have probably seen her face before. i watched her grow up and photographed her wedding. she is a public speaking genius. i on the other hand, cringe at the thought of talking into a microphone. so lauren is the meat of the publicity committee and again i take the pictures ;) every group needs a photographer right?

to build enthusiasm we had to make a promotional video. publicly speak on a video that would be shown to the congregation on sunday mornings leading up to the kick off!? our church is the largest in the county. oh and a few dance moves sprinkled throughout the video.  hey wait,  baptists are not allowed to dance. per the church by-laws. right? :) grasping at an excuse because this baptist cannot dance! i fretted over this for weeks.
skit at the kick off celebration
lauren had a great idea to add "hashtag gems" to our publicity skit. who knew "we were doing it all wrong!" per anna katherine, we were breaking a list of urban dictionary rules. "when you use the hashtag sign,  you do not say 'hashtag.' that's so basic." (learned that basic is a good thing. per anna katherine.)
so ~ jeff and i started talking in hashtags. because we are so hip and want to be the coolest parents in town... said no one ever!  we sounded kind of like jimmy fallon and his boy JT! it drives anna katherine nuts and cracks me up ;)

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