it's not free!

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”  George Orwell
 the first stop on our washington field trip was arlington cemetery. i love that thing driven home is that our freedom is not free. look around and be grateful.

the fall weather feels as if we are walking through the pages of a storybook. we have the most knowledgable tour guide. mr. chester joy is a walking, talking history book who interacts with the children fabulously! 

he told us endless stories of the men and women buried and honored at arlington. he told us about the rocks and foreign coins around the graves. we walked and listened for almost an hour and a half.  walking through the countless graves, i couldn't help but to think all of the men who fought and died for our freedom was a mother's son.  
" Each died for a cause he considered more important than his own life. Well, they didn't volunteer to die; they volunteered to defend values for which men have always been willing to die if need be, the values which make up what we call civilization. And how they must have wished, in all the ugliness that war brings, that no other generation of young men to follow would have to undergo that same experience."
                                                                                                                          Winston Churchill

the view of the city was beautiful.

 my good friend ruth is my roommate and picture snapper. it has been so nice to get a few of my girl and me!

DawnW said...

Beautiful post, Heidi! I am hoping we are able to get to Arlington on our next trip to DC. Breathtaking.

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