memory lane

a little walk down memory lane. i wasn't blogging five years ago when anna katherine and i took a field trip to washington d.c.

so many memories from this trip. i am on the shy side and going on this trip without knowing a single soul was very intimidating. by the grace of God, i was placed with the most awesome seat mate. she was a popular girl ;) so fun and charismatic. by the end of the trip, all the surrounding moms were lounging on the bus, a lot like lounging on your dorm room with your best roommates. it was fabulous.

i was also 12 weeks pregnant.  the only people we had told were my mom and sister. after three miscarriages, waiting past the first trimester was mandatory.  i was on medication to help my womb "stay fluffy," which caused quite a bit of swelling.  my 'undiagnosed' celiac disease was at a peek. there was an IHOP next door and pancakes were my weakness. little did i know that double stack of pancakes was causing  my immune system go haywire.
a week after the trip i miscarried. i think it happened on the trip.  a few months later i was diagnosed with celiac disease. but not before making a hasty decision to have a tubal ligation. i had gone through more miscarriages than labor and deliveries.

not to be evasive or skim over this experience, i had always planned to write more details later.  details on how i regretted the hasty decision.

in the words of my sister, "any who," back to washington and my sweet middle child!

on this trip i know a lot more people.  my seat/room mate is my very good friend ruth.

 i am also  anticipating a different experience. not better or worse, just different. anna kathereine is a lot like her mom; reserved and on the shy side. mary claire is the complete opposite!

 this picture was taken at a photo booth in a food court. my mother did not find this picture one bit amusing.

the memorials tugged at this sweet girls heart. anna katherine has a tender heart filled with compassion. after the nighttime memorials she slept in mom's room.

 see you soon blog friends. i blog better on vacation with lots of evening downtime. i scheduled this to post the hour we were checking in to the very same hotel in Washington.

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