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so what was our "favorite" thing on our washington d.c. trip?  you're dying to know right ;) well it is definitely not  unpacking and playing catch!  ugg! my goal for today is to be 100% unpacked.

i took quite a few pictures. half on a real camera and half on my phone. our nation's capital is something else! so a quick recap of my favorite things.
the amazing architect. 

i love that everything comes with a story. most of the time a lengthy story. i will never look at another memorial without wondering the story behind it. this monument is made of melted down canon balls.

our tour guide was a historian.
he was a walking encyclopedia.
 i loved that the social studies teacher, mrs. james, was surprised on the capital steps! she was presented with a united states flag that was flown over the national capital in her honor.  
i loved the "not so secret" service!
i also love that we left washington hours before all the drama unfolded.

i loved the extra two days in williamsburg and jamestown.
learning about the very beginning our our country. 

 the fall foliage was ah-mazing!
 the brisk air, the walks, the smells, the conversation, the cups of hot apple cider... every bit as good as it sounds!
so many things to put your hands on! 
we even touched a moon rock!

this indian. mary claire gazed for a solid minute at him. 
she was very concerned that he might not be wearing underwear.
 thomas jefferson's book collection in the library of congress.
  ford's theatre and museum.
it was a favorite five years ago.
 abraham lincoln was such a good man!

 my roommate! love her! the grown ups had grown up roommates and the students bunked four to a room. how much fun is that! tour all day,  girl talk all night!  we ordered in, we ate out, we talked and talked. a couple nights our little girls joined us for real sleep. we were sad to see it end.
 i loved returning home feeling like we explored every inch of the city. i loved that the students were made to write thank you notes to a half dozen people.
 but my very - very favorite! {togetherness} spending time with this little girl was my favorite. i loved watching the interactions between friends. i loved hearing the questions she wouldn't hesitate to ask.  i loved soaking up mom time with this daddy's girl. time with my number three was the best!

 a little video of our togetherness. 

Charles and Angela McCall said...

Heidi Graves, you are a gem.

:) Number three is a lucky little girl!!!

:) Angela

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