not the real kind

these little fifth graders should have smart oozing out of their ears with all the knowledge they have absorbed in the past few days! these guys have been good listeners. maybe because there will be a test on what they learned next week. 

with such a lightening fast schedule, we were on and off of the bus several times a day. sometimes i just didn't feel like lugging my real camera. so i used my phone.  this post is not for my real pictures, just the phone picture ;)

               clemson twinning! plus the calm before the storm.
the night we arrived, we hitched a ride in a taxi cab with a driver from somilai. he spoke tribal african. (or so he said.)  we went to dogfish head grill.  say that five times fast!

 my friend ordered dessert; caramel apple cobbler with pumpkin ice cream! shut the front door! she took two bites and i ate the  remaining 1000 calories!

anywhere you go, here's a great photo op with the washington monument.
 mary claire was so excited to see the iwo jima memorial. i never realized that out of these six soldiers, only three made it off the island alive. i hate that war has to happen.
 mt. vernon is at the top of my list of favorites! i brought my real camera along for this spot. an instagram was in order when i glanced over at mc learning to play her fife. (mary claire has birthday money)

the smithsonian museum of air and space. all admission is free1 mary claire is fascinated with the wright brothers. we learned through genealogy that the wright brothers are very distant relatives.

  i have concluded that i am not a huge fan of the smithsonian museum of natural history.  while mary claire loved wondering the rows of life like animals and feasting her eyes on god's most awesome creations, i felt like around every corner the exhibits were 'shouting' God's not real. evolution (the darwinism kind) felt like  the theme of the museum. i felt as if i were in a temple that worshiped fossils and their apelike ancestors! the museum was not only "minus God," but "anti-God." (yes, as in atheism.)  see what i mean here

 we did enjoy the live butterflies.
"God's flying canvases"

the last two days will be spent in williamsburg and jamestown. we checked out of washington in a downpour. imagine 130 people, one flight of stairs and a "if you are late" threat.
 this is the one time i really, really regret not having a real camera. it was raining and cold and the adults had the afternoon off, did i really want to tote a camera! so  i used my phone. as we walked, i kept remaining myself and others that we were walking the pages of a storybook. on glossy paper thanks to the rain ;)

 the students traveled in groups learning hands on about colonial trades. 

it was so nice strolling around the campus of william and mary, drinking hot cider, eating fancy cheese, and laughing with a few new friends. storybook i tell ya!

 the adults met up with the kids for a musket firing.

 even in colonial times the sorority pose was in!

 even a storybook photobomb ;)

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