raining cats and dogs

happy halloween! 
isn't this the most energized day of the year!?
{it's raining cats and dogs} 
it is straight off pintrest do it yourself.  
we pulled it together the day before our school carnival. 
 the umbrella was toast after the school carnival. the weight of the animals collapsed the hinges. clothes pins and black duct tape made it good as new for one more night! 
 it's been a monsoon around here lately,  raining kittens every four months. 

aren't my kittens the cutest!?
 if i were to say this about my children i would sound obnoxious. 
saying this about my cats just makes me sound crazy  ;)

 i will end the sweetness with a picture of dexter snuggling mary claire. time to show what it was really like taking this set of pictures.

to start with, i waited days for rain. real rain and this costume would be the perfect backdrop. it never rained a drop. the next best thing?  the water hose. we sprayed and then let it run for our pictures. 

mary claire was not happy about her stuffed animals getting wet. and don't say, "they're just stuffed animals." because to her, they have names, personalities, basically her stuffed animals have souls. i know, she is a fifth grader who still loves  stuffed animals. on the flip side, she could be asking to Skype boys or open a twitter account ;)

 our cats hate water.  

they hate being chased through the woods  by screaming neon ghost yelling, "gotcha!"

our cats have extra toes claws?

and they hate water? 

i mean really hate water.
and sometimes children. 
 let it rain twix bars and sour patch kids, it's halloween! the best news of the day: bennett is home for fall break!

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