three men down!

bennett's home, the painter's are finishing up and my sister's family tested positive for THE FLU! well, three out of 6 family members (so far) are down for the count. 
 maybe we will postpose thanksgiving and eat chinese. 
they could cook up bennett's fresh duck.

nothing says bennett's home like dead things in the house. when i hear, "can you take a picture of this?" i know it is either powered by gasoline / gunpowder or dead. in this case, dead.

by posting these pictures, i am doing the very thing i 'dislike' on social media: posting pictures of dead animals. i cannot tell you how many times i cringe when i see someone posing by a bloody dear. 

so let's just pretend these are duck decoys hanging around his neck. decoys that will be eaten at thanksgiving. whether at a chinese restaurant or in our dining room ;)

don't let the black face camo fool you. it didn't fool me.  my house rule is, if you are under the age of 20  "no shave november"  is not an excuse "not to shave." (just made that rule up today.) 

totally kidding about the chinese restaurant thing... we wouldn't dare sit down to thanksgiving in a restaurant. 
we would so order in ;)

monday, monday!

so we are three days from hosting thanksgiving and our kitchen looks like this. 

i was hoping to start this little project after thanksgiving, but the painters were booked.  as projects go, delays happen. the rain is making it hard for the oil paint to dry. (the doors are in jeff's shop in  some serious humidity.)

and who knew we would have to repair a wall when changing the backsplash. this i feel, will not be finished by thursday.
but it's all good! it's monday (i love mondays), the temperature is warm enough to exercise outside and my coffee pot is fully functioning! worst case? we vacuum,  push everything aside and feast on turkey somewhere else... uhm, like my sisters house ;) haven't sprung that possibility on her yet. i am feeling optimistic!!

gluten free jackpot!

a week from hosting 24+ family members for thanksgiving and  our kitchen is being repainted. talk about a hot mess! it was the only time the painters could squeeze us in and the thought of painting cabinets ourselves was nightmarish. jeff would most likely finish perfecting everything by christmas. not that he is slow, just meticulous to the point it drives me crazy. so i am thankful for the hot mess that is my kitchen and the hard working painters making it possible for me to avoid painting! fingers crossed they finish by next thursday! 

for now a jackpot of discounted gluten free goodness!  i am gluten free not by choice, my family consumes gluten in moderation. my insides have healed enough that i am able to sneak in an occasional banana pudding or chick-fil-a strips without getting gut wrenching sick. i am pretty choosy about what i sneak in. in case of a stomach or headache, it needs to be worth it ;) 

the nights i had a couple hours to kill while my girls were at swim team practice, i discover all the new gluten free goodness at aldi! i was shocked by the amazing prices!

every bit as good as the GF pasta from whole foods!

jazz this mix up a bit and the pancakes are fabulous!
the cracks are a little styrofoamy, bur with mozzarella, pesto and a tomato.... hello! 
i almost cried!
fresh (ish) good GF bread! i keep in the freezer.
naturally GF, but a great deal!
pumpkin everything... not gluten free! but pumpkin pasta! i bet it's good.

for a grand total of $66!

slow pace

this weekend, our family is gearing up for what is guaranteed to be a very two days. this is one of my busiest work weekends of the year. we are five weeks from christmas!  add in several home projects for jeff, church obligations and you have the recipe for crazy busy :)

a recap from last weekend... a not so busy time!
we spent our free time walking in the woods, taking our time in hendersonville.... enjoying a slow pace!
my sweet, sweet niece!
always - always sweet. always willing to go with the flow all while smiling and never complaining.  

a chalk wall by a local hospice center:

 immediately liza strikes the crowd's funny bone !  she's a gem!

roger getting a few lessons in silly from his big cousin!

guess who in this dog pile ended up crying?
yep, mary claire!
"bennett tried to break my leg."

zipping the gorge

 we started off anna katherien's birthday with surprise tickets to the new zip lane within walking distance of my mother's mountain house.  we had no idea the four hour  treat we were in for.
 weather wise, the day was perfect! our zip line guides kept commenting on this being the ' most perfect' day of the year. the leaves were peaking and the little chill in the air... muah!
i snapped so many pictures and video clips, i filled the storage on my phone. 
here's a little snippet of our day!

i can't say enough great things about this biplane business. i highly, highly recommend it for an awesome family day! and if you can swing by costco in spartanburg, the tickets are $60 each instead of $95!

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