gluten free jackpot!

a week from hosting 24+ family members for thanksgiving and  our kitchen is being repainted. talk about a hot mess! it was the only time the painters could squeeze us in and the thought of painting cabinets ourselves was nightmarish. jeff would most likely finish perfecting everything by christmas. not that he is slow, just meticulous to the point it drives me crazy. so i am thankful for the hot mess that is my kitchen and the hard working painters making it possible for me to avoid painting! fingers crossed they finish by next thursday! 

for now a jackpot of discounted gluten free goodness!  i am gluten free not by choice, my family consumes gluten in moderation. my insides have healed enough that i am able to sneak in an occasional banana pudding or chick-fil-a strips without getting gut wrenching sick. i am pretty choosy about what i sneak in. in case of a stomach or headache, it needs to be worth it ;) 

the nights i had a couple hours to kill while my girls were at swim team practice, i discover all the new gluten free goodness at aldi! i was shocked by the amazing prices!

every bit as good as the GF pasta from whole foods!

jazz this mix up a bit and the pancakes are fabulous!
the cracks are a little styrofoamy, bur with mozzarella, pesto and a tomato.... hello! 
i almost cried!
fresh (ish) good GF bread! i keep in the freezer.
naturally GF, but a great deal!
pumpkin everything... not gluten free! but pumpkin pasta! i bet it's good.

for a grand total of $66!

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