monday, monday!

so we are three days from hosting thanksgiving and our kitchen looks like this. 

i was hoping to start this little project after thanksgiving, but the painters were booked.  as projects go, delays happen. the rain is making it hard for the oil paint to dry. (the doors are in jeff's shop in  some serious humidity.)

and who knew we would have to repair a wall when changing the backsplash. this i feel, will not be finished by thursday.
but it's all good! it's monday (i love mondays), the temperature is warm enough to exercise outside and my coffee pot is fully functioning! worst case? we vacuum,  push everything aside and feast on turkey somewhere else... uhm, like my sisters house ;) haven't sprung that possibility on her yet. i am feeling optimistic!!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful! I am hosting 15 and in the middle of preparing for the 5 who are staying with me, my stove/oven died. Just died. I too, a deep breath, said a couple of prayers, uplugged it, and hoped that it would reset itself by morning. So far so good. I will be looking for a new stove in the meantime!
Good luck this week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.... where ever it may be.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

You are braver than me!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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