slow pace

this weekend, our family is gearing up for what is guaranteed to be a very two days. this is one of my busiest work weekends of the year. we are five weeks from christmas!  add in several home projects for jeff, church obligations and you have the recipe for crazy busy :)

a recap from last weekend... a not so busy time!
we spent our free time walking in the woods, taking our time in hendersonville.... enjoying a slow pace!
my sweet, sweet niece!
always - always sweet. always willing to go with the flow all while smiling and never complaining.  

a chalk wall by a local hospice center:

 immediately liza strikes the crowd's funny bone !  she's a gem!

roger getting a few lessons in silly from his big cousin!

guess who in this dog pile ended up crying?
yep, mary claire!
"bennett tried to break my leg."

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