struggle bus and an awesome helper

one of the many great things about having teenagers is being the first with your young mom friends to learn urban slang. this week i have been riding the struggle bus. (i have a front row seat.)
struggle bus {used to metaphorically describe a difficult situation.}

last week i lost my superstar office helper. the one who has been with me for years and knows her way around my office better than i do! she graduated college, got married and landed a real job. who would have figured ;)   this week i have been juggling and struggling. but it is only temporary and i am thankful. 

in the mean time, i have had another fabulous helper! mary claire. this girl loves to have money in her wallet. on election day, she hung with her mom from sun up to sun down.  we started with a preschool. 140 kiddos. followed by several full sized sessions.

during our breaks we enjoyed lunch at atlanta bread company (the name makes my stomach hurt) and a quick trip to target. 

my sessions that day were all over. we traveled a lot. one town we visited was chapin. i grew up not too far from here and had forgotten the quaintness of this town.

one of the highlights of my day was photographing a former bride's daughter in the same location we took here bridal portraits! lucky me! 

our last stop was the train tresses in newborn county. ah-mazing! after the session we took time to take in the scenery before heading home to vote.

another quick tidbit: 
this week i have cooked dinner... zero times.  so between laundry and editing pictures,  i made a pintrest chicken  thing.. i slow cooked the chicken all morning,  the house smelled delicious, the kids were so excited when they smelled dinner ;)  the table was set, we were minutes from eating and i hear jeff. everyone heard jeff! neighbors a mile away heard jeff.   he was promising to 'kill' every cat we own.' (which is a lot!)  the girls had left the door open. an outdoor cat was inside. on the counter, inches away from dinner. maybe the cat touched dinner, maybe not. either no one was about to take the chance.

so the cats had a hot dinner. and we ate cereal. again.

happy friday! we are loading up our struggle bus. 
this weekend we will be celebrating a sweet sixteen!
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