three men down!

bennett's home, the painter's are finishing up and my sister's family tested positive for THE FLU! well, three out of 6 family members (so far) are down for the count. 
 maybe we will postpose thanksgiving and eat chinese. 
they could cook up bennett's fresh duck.

nothing says bennett's home like dead things in the house. when i hear, "can you take a picture of this?" i know it is either powered by gasoline / gunpowder or dead. in this case, dead.

by posting these pictures, i am doing the very thing i 'dislike' on social media: posting pictures of dead animals. i cannot tell you how many times i cringe when i see someone posing by a bloody dear. 

so let's just pretend these are duck decoys hanging around his neck. decoys that will be eaten at thanksgiving. whether at a chinese restaurant or in our dining room ;)

don't let the black face camo fool you. it didn't fool me.  my house rule is, if you are under the age of 20  "no shave november"  is not an excuse "not to shave." (just made that rule up today.) 

totally kidding about the chinese restaurant thing... we wouldn't dare sit down to thanksgiving in a restaurant. 
we would so order in ;)

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