baking with lottie

good morning! my blog always goes a little "dark" around christmastime. it's the most wonderful tome and the busiest time. we are embracing the rush. when you have one child leave the nest, it is an everyday reminder how fast time marches on.  

so our church activity agenda is full! 
last week,  the older GA's gathered at my house to bake cookies with Lottie Moon. she was a missionary in china who gathered children together through cookies. we found her original recipe  and i was so tempted to add a little of this and that for flavor. but i didn't. it was neat to taste the real cookie she served to the children of china.

*see lottie in her cookie apron?

 each GA baked their very own batch. the completed every-angle step on their own. they learned the importance of following baking directions to the tee. 

a few instances of flour flying and eggs splattering. but nothing a paper towel and a bowl full of giggles couldn't fix. at times i referred to it as a beautiful mess. 

 last up was pinecone tree decorating. we delivered to a local nursing home. you would be amazed how loved these little trees are. 

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