happy birthday Jesus!

happy christmas eve! i am so last minute... about so many things.  i can't remember a christmas eve when everything on my shopping list was checked off. or wrapped.  (i always wrap the last set of gifts thirty minutes before we leave for my in-laws on christmas day. i have decided to start calling it a tradition ;) 

we have lots left to do... 

we are spending today baking and wrapping.
shopping and wrapping.
and our very favorite christmas eve service.

this week we celebrated christmas (part one) with my mom. it was  her annual "happy birthday Jesus" party. i host thanksgiving and my sister hosts christmas. 

i have to smile at anna katherine's boyfriend, chase. sweetest young man. he is an only child. i worry that this level of chaos will cause him to run for the hills.it seems, once his ears are acclimated, he enjoys the show.
the white elephant gift exchange is one of my children's highlight!
( i wrapped our gifts  ~ thirty minutes before we left.)
scented cell phone socks.
my sister had to leave with these!

the picture of anna katherine had a surprise gift certificate on the back.
this was way cool!
granite from out state house.
well above our $10 limit.

ok. this was weird. 
a vibrating pillow cat.

the clemson t-shirt was supposed to be the funny gift.
my sister's family are die hards for the other team.
roger picked the gift and loved the shirt.
see, you can love them both!

roger didn't  want to leave bennett's lap.
evie passing around her chapstick.

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