baby catalyst

i can't remember the last time i laughed this hard at a set of pictures. not of my girls. 

they're perfect ;) even though they are one year away from looking like an "award family photo."  

maybe we are one year too late and it's already awkward.
the things they will do for a candy cane!

my sister's kids. love them like they are mine. i can laugh (for an hour) over these pictures because i love them. and because i am committing to paying for a portion of the therapy needed after 30 seconds on santa's lap. 

this is the test shot. roger psyching himself into liking santa. seconds away from adding the baby girl catalyst ;)

my camera has a very fast shutter. so before i am reported to the blogger police,  this entire torture session lasted about 30 seconds. 

 almost as funny as evie letting her primal terror be heard,  is roger.
he stays camera ready in every pose! 

 evie's daddy was her knight in shining armor!
poor sweet baby girl!

and this face! 
it's all i want for christmas! 

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