it's a win / win!

last weekend we enjoyed our first football game as clemson parents. it was the big rivalry game. personal disclaimer: both teams and both schools are fabulous. other than students and alumni cheering for their school, i personally find all the competitive hating extremely annoying. 

anyway. i do love to watch a football game. i find the 'game' strangely fascinating. of course you have to pull for one team over the other, even slightly. we figured since lots of our money is going to clemson, that's the school we would pull for. 

so go tigers!
(a short clip of our day)

 we bought a total of five tickets. two at face value and three not at face value. bennett sat in the student section with a few thousand of his closet friends ;) can you see him?

it was hard wrapping my mind around the fact that the attendance at the stadium was close to 83,000 people. gracious!
anna katherine and chase were given the good tickets (on the clemson side.) 
it was a birthday gift.

jeff and i hiked, and i do mean hiked, to the tip top. maybe ten rows from the very top. my knees were quivering and i was dizzy from the lack of oxygen at this altitude ;)  oh. and afraid to look down. when i finally found my stadium legs and was able to really watch the game, i realized i liked seats up high. especially when they are on the 50 yard line. 

so we cheered. a little louder for the tigers but couldn't help but to cheer when the gamecocks scored. i think this puzzled people seated around us. 

clemson won!

it was a great day!

Cheryl said...

You do look darling as Clemson parents! ;-)

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