melted heart

i keep my work blog and family blog separate. my work blog feels like... well work ;) sometimes my family blog feels like work. when you know others are editing it for mistakes, it can suck the fun right out of family story sharing. anyway... i  am always behind posting sessions on my work blog. nine times out of ten my customers have their portraits or digital packages before a peek is ever posted online. (new years resolution: hire a work blog poster!)

again. anyway. i am combining the two for this post, because this cuteness has lingered all week. being a children's photographer i come across some pretty adorable children. a lot of them! when i photograph them over and over i easily fall in love!
i ended my christmas season with a bang.
i ended with this little guy and his adorable sister.
he would hold my hand, ask for more pictures.
he asked if i was married.
then said, "you're so pretty."

i mean really! 
how many times does a 40 year old get told, "you're pretty."
when at the moment you know darn well you are far from looking pretty!
could your heart just not melt!?
because mine did!
can i stuff you in my camera bag and take you home!

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