Merry Christmas

oh how i love christmas day. our children are not "allowed" to leave their bedrooms before 6am. that means they set their alarms for 5:55 and are waiting by our bed at 6am... on the dot. monkey bread has been our christmas morning breakfast tradition. christmas is the only day i can justify eating (GF) dough rolled in white sugar then soaked overnight in butter and brown sugar. but my oh my, it is so good. 

we slowly unwrap gifts. one year it was over in five minutes flat. before this year santa left three gifts under the tree. they represented baby Jesus' three gifts from the wise men. this year there was only one santa gift per child. this represented their wish list going up in price. 

we leave for jeff's hometown at 4:00. all that time in between is spent in our pajamas watching christmas movies. except the hour before we leave and we are scrambling to wrap gifts. i am chalking that up to tradition ;)

this year i took one instagram picture and a few at my inlays house. not a single picture from christmas morning. 

it was the perfect low key day, rejoicing in the birth of our savior!
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