and i thought watching bennett's football team compete for the state championship was stressful. that was child's play compared to watching our youngest child compete in the school's version of the hunger games. (a.k.a. the spelling bee) oh they wouldn't 'physically' die. only emotionally and publicly.

 mary claire was one of the finalists for the fifth grade. yay! right? how sweet, a spelling bee! so apple pie america. something to talk about to her own children.  jeff and i took the day off work to attend.

the scene before the bee looked something like this: smiling parents, whispering tips, kisses, hugs, smiles, waves... apple pie, i tell ya!

how quickly things change! over the next ten minutes the room filled with panic, fear, terror, embarrassment, denial, anger (from both kids and parents) the first four kids were out on the first word.  some for small mistakes like misunderstanding the pronunciation or speaking so softly the judges misheard a letter, the parents looked shell shocked, all of us! there were so  many tears.

geez louise! my own heart started racing. not necessarily wanting mary claire to win, i just wanted her to make it a few rounds and not leave crying. (because our girl can turn on some tears.)

she ended up making it several rounds. when she realized she was the last girl standing,  she turned around and gave us a quick thumbs up. i later learned it was because she considered herself the winner... of girls. loved that attitude!

she struck out on the word polyester. the boy before her had the word army and the boy before him had limelight. (??) her teacher had warned, "part of a spelling bee is luck. " anyway, she was happy, jeff and i were happy!  our youngest had survived the hunger games emotionally unscathed.  the winner was a sweet boy from her class.

brian regan has it pegged!
 no matter how many times i watch this, i cry laughing. 

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