refresher course

as to be expected, it was a huge adjustment when bennett was no longer living at home full time. i was not expecting an adjustment when he returned home full time. we are thrilled to have him home. life sure did turn up the minute that boy arrived :)
thursday night he and some buddies headed to our house after exams.  which means they left clemson late and arrived here after really late. like 12:30 am late. 

they dropped off trucks, suitcases, bennett left rubbermaids full of dorm stuff in the driveway. they ate and left  again to put out duck decoys. (lots of late night driving which unnerves us) they finally returned around 2am and crashed for two hours.  at four am the same amount of commotion as they headed out to a duck pond.

none of the above took place quietly.

jeff slept on the couch waiting for him to return and return again. i woke up, his sisters woke up, the dog was in a frenzy, indoor voices are not practiced in college. it was the fun noise of having kids in the house, but in the middle of the night, not so fun

after hunting all day, he slept for the next 24 hours solid. he did shift from his bed to the playroom couch to the living room couch... for 24 hours. 

a curfew / house rules refresher course will be taking place this evening. but we are thrilled to have him home.

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