fifth grade is crammed full of really neat activities. to be a fifth grade teacher at WH, i imagine is quite exhausting! 

this activity tied in with the washington trip. it took place over two days.  patriots night and colonial day.  the host house (this year a lake cabin) turns off the electricity for authenticity. the children hear from soldiers, land owners, indentured servants... 

each family is encouraged to participate and colonial dress is mandatory. we had so much fun creating our costumes. they were a little colonial, a little pilgrim, a little poor cinderella and a little nutcracker (the pants.) we were a mixed bag of early america vintage. 

  i was determined to sew our costumes. because i am a pretty skilled seamstress.  as long it doesn't require a pattern or precision or measuring or being worn in public! basically i can sew a mean pillowcase! that's close to a colonial dress, right?  hindsight, i  realize i was delusional. 

a week before, i came to my senses and ordered mary claire's online. mine however was handmade by me! the ladies in historic camden were a huge help. 

 jeff's was a sentry for colonial night. 
the george washington wig was in place of a $70 hat i begged him not to buy.

cameras were discouraged. in years past it was full out paparazzi clicks and flashes. next best thing... my new-ish video camera (which i despise and it is going on eBay ) thankfully i am more skilled with photography.

 colonial day... swoon!  the ladies spent their time learning how to be a "lady of genteel refinement." their activities included several lessons in etiquette.
the history of the fan. who knew it was another language.

there was a lesson in fine stitchery. the girls each sewed a quilt square. the quilts from years past hang in the hallway. again, swoon!
picture courtesy of mrs. reese

 there was a lesson on "the taking of tea and penmanship"

and the cooking.
oh the things we take for granted.

 the candle making.

  the butter

toy crafting

awesome day! thank you fifth grade teachers!

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