it was a happy thanksgiving even if my kitchen was still "in the process." the painters flew through wednesday night and finished up. mistake. jeff will be calling them today with a list of things that were 'missed' in the rush.  my family didn't seem to mind the  frog tape and un-caulked tile. oh and my house was a disaster with everything going on. 

my cleaning lady was on schedule for wednesday afternoon. my saving grace, my promised sanity for hosting 30+ people. wednesday morning she went into labor. i couldn't help but be excited! a baby during the holidays is worth screaming at your family to clean up FAST!

 it was all good :)

my sister's family wasn't 100% back to normal. the flu kicked their tails! but no longer contagious.  thanksgiving wouldn't be the same minus the blonde circus. (we're the brunette circus that's not nearly as cute and cuddly.) crystal's turkey was delicious! i think the secret ingredient was a dash of flu virus ;)

 a few quick pictures with family.

my cousin's daughter...
i mean really! this much cuteness could break the internet ;)

 this was my favorite set by far. evie knows where i keep my jar of smarties in my studio. i am convinced an endless supply of smarties is what she will remember most about coming to our house. that girl loves smarties. so when she drops an entire pack in the field all "you know what breaks loose..." 

 seriously, i would frame this and hang in my house. the tragedy. the drama. that precious face! and roger in the above picture. it is impossible for anna katherine and i to ever see a picture of that boy without cooing, "isn't is SO cute!" 
and this face! 
man she's so cute!
 jeff has taken up the hobby of photobombing.  
in a hipster kind of way ;)
crystal's circus is cute. my grown up sized circus... not nearly as adorable. here's our attempt at a quick picture. just stand there.

 i had a reaction to gluten... or cats. who really knows. i just know my swollen face and eyes were reacting to something. 

 i am most thankful for my perfect children ;)

some things (thankfully) never change.
i imagine i will still be getting this picture as my grandchildren look on...

 guess who's crying worse than her baby cousin?

 dinner was delicious. a crummy picture, none knew i was taking. 

after thanksgiving christmas movie marathon!
that's what i'm talking about!

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