weekend off!

buddy our elf passed away this week.
he lived a long, happy (exhausting) little life.
a bit of advice to new parents starting this tradition: make sure you know what you are in for :)
it has been a jam packed christmas season. last saturday was my first full weekend off in... i can't really remember.  but that is always a good thing. this weekend was the light at the end of a weekend work schedule.  and boy did i pack it full with activities. this is our saturday up until 11am:

the camden christmas parade.

our youth group gave away free hot chocolate. 
and not the instant kind. it was a fabulous homemade recipe.

a sugar high that lasted all day!

next on our agenda, mary claire an i wrapped presents with wmu until 5pm.

we raced home to bake cookies with the cousins...
coming up soon ;)
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