fingers crossed

happy 2015! we have been enjoying the last few days before everyone is back to school/work. along with binge movie watching and board games, we are dealing with the flu. it's not here... at our house. but it is everywhere in our little town.

praise God, we have been amazingly healthy! my optimistic side says it is all the hand washing, orange juice drinking and lysol spraying we are doing.  i know it also involves luck.

my pessimistic side says, "it's only a matter of time. the flu is coming and when it hits our family it will hit like a mac truck."

my sister's family has had it. a couple of them twice. my mom and step dad ran a fever for days. there's not too many families that have escaped this nasty strain of flu.

up until a few years ago, the flu did not scare me. cancer is scary. ebola is scary. but the flu? not so scary. then our entire family came down with the flu.  

it was the year of the swine flu. it was the sickest we had ever been. mary claire and i were hit the hardest. she missed three weeks of school and i didn't leave the bed for over a week.

 i remember thinking, "so this is what the real flu feels like." 
i will now add the flu to the (long) list of things i am afraid of.

we also began getting the flu vaccines. 
i haven't gotten mine yet
but everyone else has.

this set of pictures has nothing to do with the flu and everything to do with, "they were on my laptop.

they are left over pictures from halloween night. that explains the cat ears on my sister :) 

i hope everyone is staying healthy!
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