genetic yahtzee

my sister called yesterday commenting on how much anna katherine is growing up and how much she looks  like.... well. not her parents :) "how did you and jeff create a blonde haired, fair skinned, blue eyed child?" 

my only guess, when rolled the dice, anna katherine was given every recessive gene jeff and i possess. 
genetic yahtzee!

she actually looks a lot like jeff's father. especially his father's sister ruth. my first comment upon seeing my newborn girl was how she resembled his aunt ruth. 

jeff's aunt ruth is no longer living. man alive, i would love to get my hands on a picture of her at a younger age. just in case anna katherine ever wonders if she is adopted ;) that sweet birth mark proves she wasn't switched at birth.
she may look nothing like me, but her mannerisms and personality (and occasional sassy mouth) remind me that she is mine.
 i love this girl to pieces! 
i took these pictures three months ago, right around her sweet sixteen birthday. time please slow down.

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