mission college

last week i had the opportunity to attend the imb's mission college in richmond virginia.  jeff and i will be leaving soon on a mission trip to equator. the mission college was not mandatory for the equador trip, it was awesome training.
 after a few instagram pictures, i received several texts asking "and what is mission college?" or "where exactly are you?" i mean it wasn't an uneventful week at home.  the youth were at camp, the ladies group had an evening of excitement planned, my father in law was in the hospital, mary claire was circulating the stomach bug and you are where

that last part made me happy to be anywhere other than in my house ;) thankfully it was a mild bug. and praise God the issue with my father in law was a faulty wire in his defibrillator and not a series of intense heart attacks. 
anyway. mission college. i will first say, "this experience was intense!" in a glorious nutshell, our goal was to learn to share the gospel ~ everywhere with everyone.  

we attended several classes, met with career missionaries, worshipped, fellowshipped and attended several classes :) 

the career missionaries shared strategies for spreading the gospel to unreached people groups. only 4% of people in the americas are followers of christ.
the focus of our (first baptist camden) group was to learn more on chronological bible storying. our leader was chosen to demonstrate on a girl who spoke mandarin. 

  we learned how to use a people group's world views to select and craft core stories. i loved this!
we called this our people group :)
a few pictures from my phone.
it was frigidly cold in virginia. 
we found a member of our church on the wall of fame
i was the designated driver. because you know "us southern baptists" are know for our partying ways ;)  there was a lot of drinking and stopping! rest areas and starbucks were our BFFs. 

the real reason i was the designated driver was 1) i get very car sick 2) a class is required to drive the church buses. i snicked at this because our church buses are kept in pristine driving condition. after driving the school buses for swim team, this was a joyride. 

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