mr. "not so "wonderful

one dollar and you too can grow your own "mr. wondeful!" one dollar kept mary claire pretty entertained  for a few days. these things are so nasty after day three. now for a story about two mr. not so wonderfuls.
i was the one who convinced bennett to select a college roomate at random. i did this twice and became fast friends with two great girls. "you will probably meet a life long friend!"  i did say probably.

 clemson stated students would be matched based on a lengthy questionnaire - study habits, bedtime preferences, policy on friends in the room, etc. as luck would have it,  the system malfunctioned and placed bennett with his polar opposite.  i was concerned from day one.

these two were opposite in every imaginable way. a video gamer and a hunter/fisher. an ag mec major rooming with a computer science major. an only child rooming with the oldest of three.  one who likes to surround himself with good ole boys and one who has a community of virtual friends. a match probably not made in heaven!

  the biggest issue boiled down to sleep. some nights his roommate goes to bed at 8. some nights he games until 2am. the roommate's bedtime was unpredictable. when he decides it is sleep time, he requires COMPLETE darkness and UTTER silence. no ipad light, candy wrappers, noise machine, teeth brushing, cell phone buzzing, and absolutely no friends...  SILENCE

his dorm room is the size of a closet.  

first semester bennett spent many nights on his friends floors and couches because his roommate could hear him breath. this was not OK with his parents who are paying for him to sleep in a bed. preferably his bed.

this week the situation finally exploded. it was bennett's birthday and he had just returned from dinner with his dad. it was 8:30. bennett was listening to music (on earphones) and sharpening a knife. his roommate wanted lights out. "come on man, it's my birthday."   

EXPLOSION. all the built up junk  turned into a shouting match that echoed through an entire hallway. 

bennett is pretty darn easy going. he doesn't get worked up over much. so when he finally cracks and screams back, the entire hall comes to watch. 

bennett left and stayed the night with his dad at the hotel.

the next morning i was ready to make a phone call. "NO mom please!!! bad things happen when parents call." i found this hilarious. like the clemson mafia tortures then electrocutes  tattletales ;) 

bennett went to talk to the RA and.... drum roll....

 bennett gets a new roommate and the other boy gets a private room. say what!?  

"they couldn't find anyone to agree to room with him." 

oh well
so i continue.
 pray without ceasing :)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Oh my gosh, that is crazy! So glad they were able to make a switch!

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