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happy monday! it is hard to believe that tonight is our last training class for ecuador.  the training has been so many things... but most of all amazing. i have so much to share and so little time these days. 

i would like to share some things going on at our baptist church. few words and a lot of pictures!

women on mission.
even though women is in the name, wmu is for everyone. people usually find "their place" in a large church. wmu is "my place." i love all things related, especially girls in action and acteens.
i am in a few pictures. we have to create a photo album for ecudaor in cases when our translator is not present. looking through pictures i realized: one, i have very few hobbies outside work and home ;) two, i have many more about pictures of jeff.
last week we participated in sole hope
an amazing mission project.
i always love being surrounded  my favorite people. especially this one. suzanne and i teach ga's together. and crazy smart! look at her wasted fabric. there's like none!
a saturday picture with two more church favorites!
for my album ;)
this past weekend we were the host home for the DNOW high school girls. 
what an amazing, amazing group of girls!
we drove them to and from church activities. 
crazy fun was happening in the playroom! whip cream, a two hour game of Bible scategories.

we created some sweet frames to remember the weekends!

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