what a great football game! jeff and i planted ourselves in the living room for a full evening of uninterrupted tv watching. we look forward to the commercials. we loved the mcdonald's "pay with love" ad. makes me want to order a happy meals for dinner!

halftime show: this morning, as i listen to the today show, i realize i am in the minority when i say i was not a fan. i like the song roar. i'm happy to hear katy kept her clothes on and i missed the dancing sharks.  

my morning sunday school lesson (from the book of Daniel) was still fresh on my mind. so when katy perry, a proclaimed x-christian who jokingly said, "i sold myself to the devil," enters wearing flames...

 riding a golden animal with red glowing eyes. fireworks going off around her. add in lyrics from her song dark horse... my jaw dropped.

i stopped watching and i was thankful my girls were not watching.

facebook is proof that everyone has an opinion.

my opinion was evil and occult like overtones. 

call me a hater. call me whatever. but it's hard to deny that this opening act didn't look like a scene out of the book of Revelations.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist." 

DawnW said...

I am in that minority with you Heidi. I really didn't like the halftime show and thought that it wasn't energizing and upbeat, nor was it fresh and creative. Clearly others loved it, but there's always next year.....

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