George B. Wilson

it is the first time i have ever purchased a vehicle on a whim. jeff found it on a thursday and i bought it on friday. and paid in cash ;) 

i have wanted an old truck for what seems like forever. i envisioned the pictures; wheat field, wild flowers, old quilts, and an old truck. so literally for years we have casually been looking.

jeff found this beauty on craigslist. it was a town away and being sold for the "crush/scrap" price.  it LOVED it! 

it was at a used car lot that specialized restoration cars. the nicest, nicest owner made sure we knew it was beyond complete restoration. "i love it. i'll take it." no bartering, no inspection. the people working the lot were laughing, "that lady just bought that old truck."

my husband and son are such a good sports. they arranged the pick up and delivery. which is not that easy for something in awful shape. 
a third person was needed to steer the truck as it was being pulled off the trailer. there was no way was i sitting inside the cab amongst the rodents ;)

and yes. 
these two will see if there is a possibility of making it run.
that's what they do ;)
 to me, the simplicity or the inside is fascinating!
scenes like this remind me just how much i love these guys! 
i have my plans for restoration and jeff has his. jeff is in charge but    i am excited to participate. my goal is to have the truck picture ready by the end of march. 

 i want to  paint an even patina. a nice even distressed look. then clear coat every square inch so the rust will not rub off.

recover the front seat.
replace the windows. "why would someone shoot out windows?"
and finally replace the wooden truck bed.
jeff is looking for old barn wood.
i see awesome christmas pictures in it's future. 

our family doesn't name our cars. but as we stripped away the layers of this guy, we found so much personality. old tags, government signs, old junk... he needed a name. 

i was leaning towards a girly name. bennett interjected, "if this car were in the movie cars, it would definitely be a boy." and named mater ;) which is not an option. i loved harrison in honor of one of my favorite photographers and her old truck. jeff liked jimmy because it is a gmc. 
bennett figured out the bumper sticker,
"don't be a dirty bird." from woodsy the owl.

bjeff's brother  is skilled when it comes to names. bennett is so much like him. uncle mike actually named bennett. two weeks before bennett's delivery date, bennett was an elliott. i remember  sitting at our kitchen table, eight months pregnant, still trying to sell the name elliott.  mike suggested a family name, "benjamin bennett graves (the second)." and just like that bennett was no longer an elliott.

so no surprise when bennett named the truck.  he chose the name wilson. love it! he plucked it straight out of a favorite book, the great gatsby.  George B. Wilson was the mechanic and owner of the garage. he wasn't all that nice, but we loved the symbolism and the name.

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