three strikes?

one of my new year's resolutions was to try a little harder to keep up with my cell phone. fifty percent of the time i leave it charging in my car or on the nightstand. today was no exception. it was around noon and we were leaving the mountains after a quick vacation. as usual my cell phone had spent the night in my car. when i turned it on, the messages began pouring in. immediately when i saw the combination of missed phone calls, even before i looked at the picture attachment, i knew exactly what was happening. this was the picture attached to a text:

no way. not again

it's surreal. again. three winters in a row. if someone told me this story, i would find it quite unbelievable. three wildfires, three years in a row. same exact scenario. 

 the first time was in january 2013

the second fire was in february 2014

and now feburary 2015.

the two previous fires we were first to call 911. this year our family was three hours away. which i think is more unnerving when someone tells you, "this fire is worse than the others."we had no idea what was happening. 

our first worry was our dog. our miniature dachshund is not as smart as our half dozen cats ;) who i am sure immediately fled the scene. but charlie is the charmed prince of all our pets. it took brook a little time to find him. thankfully he was hiding under the playhouse.

i overheard a fireman call to brook, "we just saw charlie!" 
kinda crazy when the firemen know your dog by name ;)

while these pictures do not appear as dramatic as the years before when i was able to capture the action.  the 2015 version was as promised: the worst.  this fire burned a total of 27 acres. all county fire departments responded. a fire department in a neighboring county even responded . 

neighbors were calling and texting. our three hour ridewas consumed with phone calls. one friend who had been there every single year said, "prepare yourself. it burned half of your property." and it did. thankfully our house was unharmed.
four of our acres are scorched. 
so many beautiful trees damaged or gone.
again, fire breaks everywhere. 

thankfully the fire break around jeff's shop kept it safe and sound.
you can see it on the right.
this poor little pine tree makes an appearance in every set of fire pictures. poor tree has been through it!
today we have so much to be thankful for. 
firefighters are amazing.
good neighbors are a blessing.
God is so good.
as for the same fire scenario. 
the same laws broken.
 the apathetic recklessness.
my kids fear of this happening again.

isn't there some sort of three strikes rule?

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

What the heck?! And I thought I had problems with my neighbors! Seriously, I hope they get some kind of fines or something!
So glad Charlie is safe as well as your home!

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