liza was allowed to tag along on our winter break on one condition: she would work on her science fair project. she had chosen a topic on dog treats.  (right up mary claire's alley!) 
liza's wanted to see if dogs preferred processed or non-processed dog treats.  first up was to make dog treats from scratch. they found a simple recipe with five ingredients. 

 flour, cheese, ground beef, bananas and peanut butter.
sounds mighty tasty  for a people treat!

the day before anna katherine  found a bone shaped cookie cutter! 

 next stop: the store for processed dog treats. i had them compare the five ingredients in our homemade treat to the 20+ ingredients in the processed version.

 then we hit the streets of hendersonville. this is an artsy little town full of yuppies and well groomed pets. so it was intimidating at first. asking a stranger with a fancy pooch to allow your kids to feed their dog something homemade. we made our way down to a really fancy dog shop called wag. (what a hipster name! i imagine the cat version would be meow hiss.)

that's where we met a college professor and his ginormous terrier. science fair jackpot! he taught science at a nearby university!
 after explaining liza's project, he took control. (i had a zoom lens on my camera so i could not show how awesome the sight in this room was. or take time to set the camera on the proper settings.)

he gathered a crowd while explaining all the controlled and uncontrolled variables. so many little things that could change the outcome. he video taped it for himself. 

he even tried putting the three treats in front of the resident cat and making the dog pick. being a cat person, i loved this fearless cat! i wasn't surprised when this towering dog hesitated before approaching the cat.
 the result time and time again?
the homemade treat!

 the girls hit the street. 
they now had the courage to ask dog owners for their participation.

 love the look on this dog's face. he had just gobbled up the homemade treats and didn't look all to thrilled about the store bought bones.

 we had such a fun time helping with her experiment! mary claire participated with her own hypothesis! now the hard part... putting together all the charts and graphs with her mother!

Carolyn McGaha said...

Heidi - you are one cool chick!

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