winter break

the days before the wild fire drama, we were enjoying some time in the north carolina snow.  
we spent the day skiing. it was liza's first time. jeff's first in a long, long time.  he has skied in germany... like thirty years ago. so it was off to ski school for liza and jeff :) i had plans of skiing myself. i even went as far as to purchase a lift ticket. but i knew i would probably have my hands full supervising.  

jeff and liza had a wonderful ski instructor. he was extremely patient and encouraging!

by the end of the trip, liza was making it down the slope like a pro!
she is such a funny girl. determined and laid back at the same time. yay liza!
mary claire is the reason we come back every year. that girl loves to ski. and fast! the snow was almost all manmade and very icy. next year (like it or not) a helmet will be mandatory for mary claire!

we met up with some friends from school. pretty neat that the two boys on the lift are in mary claire's fifth grade class.  their cousin was kind enough to take mary claire to the larger slopes. after the first time up, she was confident being by herself. 

such a great little get-away! they skied into the night. their bodies were warm, but when they complained that their face was numb, i knew it was time to call it a day. we headed back to asheville. the girls chatting all the way. we were all starving for real food. we stopped for dinner around 9pm. 

our waiter named "chicago" capped off the day.  the girls talked about him as much as skiing. man he was a hoot! he talked a mile a minute and had a tale to tell: he was struggling to make ends meet. he had $87,000.00 in the bank. he lived in a car. he lived in a condo. he lived with his grandmother. he was from canada. no wait, he was from arkansas. no, born miami beach.  he was a cruise ship worker, banker, teacher, entertainer. he had a handicap sister. no wait a handicap mother. he had major issues with the rich. he had even more issues with the poor. he didn't like the president. but i think he was a democrat. he hated to waste food. he gave us an extra steak and rolls to "put in our pocket." we coined the term pocket meat and pocketbook rolls. 

two things i am pretty sure of:   his real name wasn't chicago and he makes mountains of money in tips :)
disclaimer! i wanted to document that i was present :) the following picture has a mega soft filter! it was the end of the day, we were pretty exhausted. unfiltered this picture is too scary for my blog ;) 

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