a little catch up

good morning and happy, happy spring! man the weather here is glorious! for a few short weeks i am in the weird mood for yard work. (we still have a giant mess from three fires in three years!) a few catch ups before i post more about our time in ecuador:

  • bennett enjoyed a nice spring break home. he is taking volunteer fire courses near clemson, so he was back and forth the entire week. he added in a few hiking days with his friends. crazy how mature he has become. i know, it is time. with one exception; he still picks on his sisters on a regular basis. 

  • anna katherine is gearing up for the prom. but not before she has her wisdom teeth removed over spring break. (all four!) she ordered her high school class ring. 

  • mary claire is thrilled the picture bunnies have arrived (groan) i love rabbit pictures, but no so much my dog + rabbits. it's a month of extra small prayers. i pray he doesn't eat them before they are loved on! (this year, i didn't borrow my rabbits. what was i thinking last year!!)

  • jeff and i will celebrate 21 years of marriage on thursday. seems like yesterday!
  • i have been sharpening my spanish skills. crazy that i have four years of spanish under my belt and remember (maybe) a dozen phrases!  two years in  high school and two in college. even though the courses were basically repetitive, it's sad that i remember so little. i purchased an online course with hopes of at least getting me to simple conversation. we shall see!

and now a lot of cute in one little boy!
my nephew 

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