it was dress up day

jeff and i sat on the porch last night. he was playing his guitar, mary claire was riding her bike with friends, anna katherine was studying, and i was pondering what a strange day it had been. ever had a "strange" day? 

several strange personal messages today. one from the fire starter and one over an old blog post. i had a high school teacher that if she caught you passing notes, she would pin them to the bulletin board for all to see. i am seriously considering this!

i raced into town from a bridal portrait ~  mary claire had a dentist appointment. except the dentist forgot our appointment after we waited well over an hour. while in the waiting room i realized how out of touch i am with daytime tv garbage drama. i watched half of the dr. phil show and three episodes of judge judy. one episode was about a fraudulent cat breeder, one about a mother suing her disabled daughter for rent, and the other... i couldn't hear over candy crush.

 what are the chances we would sit beside the same lady from 10 weeks ago playing candy crush full volume on her iPad? strange.

after our (near) dentist appointment mary claire and i went out to dinner. we sat down in a restaurant on a school night... very strange. i realized (after eating) i had forgotten my wallet. i found just enough cash in my pocket to cover the bill. i have no idea when the cash was put there. 

but the ending to this strange day was priceless! absolutely hysterical!  my sister called. it was dress up day at school for sarah anne. "guess as to what she dressed up like." "a princess? a famous tennis player?" bingo! a famous tennis player!

except dress up day didn't mean "dive into your dress up box" (like i would have assumed too!) it meant it was PICTURE DAY! 

in our house, this could have been so much worse. our dress up box contains elvis wigs and wrestling masks. what a memorable second grade photo! 

i really, really needed this nightcap!

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