well hello blog world. i would love to say i have been away from my computer, but quite the opposite. i have been glued to it. with easter comes bunny mini sessions. what a whirlwind of a week with 108 mini sessions in six days. which was actually the fun part. the not so fun part is uploading, editing, posting... the other half of  a photography business. 

but i love it all and wouldn't trade it for anything... i love meeting new people, catching up with customers turned friends…and most of all, the children. those beautiful little creatures ~ how awesome is that!?

this weekend i am off, switching track to adults only. i am heading to the outbreaks for engagement, seniors and a bridal session. it will be a nice break away from my computer!

i wanted to share a story about a new friend i met last week.  i was photographing her spunky daughter. this mom is so beautiful . the natural,  humble kind of beauty that makes other women (like myself) sigh and say, “oh well. at least i have my health ;)”

she was new to town. new to the group of moms at the party. her husband and herself went to seminary, she was a stay at home mom, and they lived on a budget.

next she shared the story behind the beautiful dress her daughter was wearing.  children's clothing (especially for girls) can be very pricey in the south. probably everywhere, but the price tag on the the new beaufort bonnets is $75. 

so before this mom left to go shopping she prayed. “please let me find a dress for $5.”  this prayer may sound trivial and insignificant (and only possible on the walmart sale rack,) but we can pray about any and everything... big things, small things... i believe prayer doesn't have to be reserved for only high and mighty occasions.  so when you are on a budget, you pray for God's provision. 

she shopped. and shopped. until she found a dress she kind of liked for $8. she prayed, "thank you God, this is close enough."on her way to the register she decided to breeze through the boutique section .

that’s when she found that amazing dress. it was $3.50. not a mis mark or a damaged item. a new, beautiful dress in her daughter's size. (chills) she simply said, “it’s a God thing. that's the only explanation."

wow!  our God answering a small prayer with something beautiful. this little dress made a statement. i overheard several moms inquiring about it's uniqueness. 

there is more thrilling than to see through the eyes of prayer ~ both big and small.

Cheryl said...

I do wish we lived closer. I would love to be a friend. Your faith and family; your photography and humor; thank you for sharing them all with us.

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