a little more

a great big thank you for all of the sweet prom compliments. seeing all the nice words means so much! a little more about prom for journaling sake. 

an afternoon hair appointment with amanda.
i was reminded of the difference in preparing a girl for prom verses a boy. so much more involved!

this year she purchased two dress (which both will promptly be resold) i was so in love with the first one. but finding "undergarments" with support and to fit the shape of the back was down right impossible.

the new dress was so different. i loved the color although it wasn't  quite as conservative as i would have hoped for. 

i made the flowers. two years of $50 prom flower sets was enough to learn this can be done for a fraction of the price. 

a few youtube videos
 one trip to hobby lobby 

one trip to the grocery store for tea roses
  a little greenery along my exercise route.

 one of anna katherine (and my) favorite flower is a lamb's ear. 
we added a few droopy sprigs.
 chase's grandparents stopped by to see them off.
 he is an only child/grandchild so this young man is very loved!
 my daughter loves me so much that she insisted i follow them to columbia... as long as i brought along my camera and kept a safe distance ;)

 it is chases' senior year, a double dose of big deal! 
such a sweet family.

excuse my frazzled appearance.
 i was having a bad hair face day.
then the grown ups were off to dinner. 
but not before posting a sneak peak from the prom set... 
of the daddy's and their prom pose.

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