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i am so excited to finally be caught up enough at work to spend my evenings remembering our time in ecuador. along with my 2000+ pictures comes so many things i want to share.  it seems with each image, there's a flood of sweet emotions. each image a reminder of what God is doing there.

i wanted to first share about the hostel where we stayed. an exciting beginning would be to say that God stripped us of all comfort ~ like warm beds, electricity, food, indoor plumbing, hot water... until there was only Him.  
well there was only HIM. Jesus was around every corner. but to claim we were  stripped of all comfort would be misleading.  yes, americans may prefer their showers a little hotter and internet a little faster. but such a fair trade for the freshest fruit, the most gracious owners, air so crisp you could sleep with your window open and homemade empanadas. this hostel quickly felt like a home away from home. at the end of each exhausting day, the bed felt amazing!
one of my sweetest keepsakes were the cards left outside our door each morning. written by family and friends and  collected weeks before we arrived. the constant flow of encouragement was humbling.
i began each morning with my cup of coffee and  sweet notes. i bundled them in a satin ribbon just as you would love letters from your sweetheart.

so, it was around this breakfast table, with glorious light gushing through the windows,  that i first realized jeff and i were in the early stages of an amazing spiritual transformation. so much to share. 

each morning, we would take turns reading a devotion and praying for the group. no matter who prayed or  the wording of the devotional, our prayer was always that God would use us to pour His love and shine His light on the people of ecuador.  and every single day, in more ways than i could have imagined,  that prayer was answered. 
every single day. 
 i am planning an entire post about the food. with a swollen face and itchy skin, i can say gluten in ecuador is amazing! 

i wanted to show what machachi looked like from our hostel. 
the following pictures are from different spots on the same block. 
that's a bag full of gluten and coca lights,

just like i said,
Jesus was around every corner!
i loved the home directly across the street. it had a yard full of beautiful chickens and roosters.

 these chickens are probably the most photographed chickens in the region! i smiled when i overheard jeff ask where i was and sweet sharon reply, "she's over there photographing those chickens again."

there was beauty everywhere!

our two translators are legendary. angie is a professional photographer. she takes amazing pictures! 

cesar, what he lacked in  photography skills he made up for in personality!

how awesome is it to have translators who are also christians.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2 
 have a wonderful weekend. 

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