i wonder...

i knew my ecuador pictures would make me on the emotional side. there are a few images i clearly remember taking. this is one of them. i had a 300 zoom lens on my camera, so i was hidden as to not make her feel uncomfortable.  this picture has taken root in my heart. 

we were walking the busy streets of machachi. it was like 5:00 rush hour in new your city on a smaller scale. we were in a rush, looking for a bakery. we had guests to meet and needed fresh bread. 

as we approached the bakery, i saw this sweet lady. a beggar.

my heart was broken in a million pieces. as i carried out two dozen rolls that cost around $3, i wondered if she was hungry. she was begging for coins and of course you drop in all you have. but that's not nearly enough. enough would be giving of your time an money.

i thought about her for the rest of the trip. i wondered about her home... if she had a home. i wondered where she slept, if she had a pillow and blanket. i wondered about  the food she ate, was she hungry? i wondered about her family, if she had children, who took care of her. i wondered about her health? my grandmother requires so much medicine. does she have access to medicine when she is sick? i know she has hopes and dreams. i wonder what they are.

 i wondered if she complained ~ a lot. i wondered how i could ever justify complaining. i wondered how the majority of americans could justify complaining.

i am praying for this lady. i do not know her name, i regret not asking.  i am always in a hurry, a quality i dislike about myself. sadly this picture serves as a reminder to slow down and really look around. there could be angels among us and most of the time i am too busy with "life" to even see them.  

 i pray she already knows Jesus as her personal savior. i pray if she does not, that she will. maybe our paths would cross again and  i will do a better job. 

 blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3
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