paper plates

 on Easter (and everyday) i am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.  i am so grateful for His ultimate sacrifice. i love knowing that He lives in me, He loves us all and gives life everlasting. 

easter day is always special. i am grateful for my church and precious little sunday school class. i love sharing the easter story for an entire uninterrupted  hour.

 after church is another blessing... a family  that can all gather happily together, share laughter, great food and most of all know that we will be together on earth and in heaven.

i am grateful for these two sweet boys! so different, yet so much alike. roger in his seersucker suit was almost more than i could handle. and for my bug unshaven boy, i am ready for him to be home for the summer!
grateful for cousinly love and healthy bones!

i am grateful that aunt pammy has moved back 'home' and she will be living a few miles from me! woo-hoo!

i am also grateful that pamela had her video going... 
recording what an 11 year old melting down looks like. 

i am grateful for my sister. she has a great since of humor and doesn't mind when i post pictures like this one to facebook!

grateful for a "take two" family picture... after a "friendly chat" with our youngest.

but most of all... with the exception of our savior Jesus Christ,

this Easter, i am so grateful that my family only asked me to "bring the paper plates!" (and a camera of course) our family has it's share of great chefs.  cooking comes so easy and effortless to most of them... myself excluded. i have to think a lot longer and work a little harder to get the same results. so when they knew i was drowning in bunny pictures, they didn't ask me to bring the potato salad or  deviled eggs. they asked me to bring the paper plates...

thank you Jesus for paper plates!
a few fun moments from our day:
the smokes hosted easter. they have a beautiful yard and right behind those woods is our "very first house."
oh, and i am grateful for this fine, upstanding, christian young man! 
i told his parents i would trade them two for one... they can even pick the two ;)
and then there's the birthday boy! (i missed the picture of stephen in his bunny suit.) this day we were also celebrating his birthday! the picture is in black and white, because adjusting the color balance between his skin tones and my sister's is time consuming ;)
yes... all of these are flowers are from mrs. smoke's yard...
what a great day to celebrate our risen savior!

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