two steps closer

like i am chomping at the bit to dive into our ecuador pictures. picture work before picture play.  two more weddings to edit and i will switch catalogs for the evening. 

for now i will settle with a quick set of cat and bunny pictures. (yes, i am taking one step closer to crazy;) last night mary claire and i sat on the porch exercising our bunny. i feel  sorry for caged animals not getting a chance to stretch their tiny legs. so with charlie locked up, the rabbit had free range of the front yard. 

our cats have seemed oblivious of the rabbits until today. 

 they would most definitely kill this rabbit. unlike charlie who would rip it to pieces in a matter of seconds ~ death by cat is slow and tormenting.

my picture rabbits are crazy tame. they fear nothing except toddlers. rabbit wasn't one bit intimidated by molly. 
the rabbit is currently nameless. if he survives one more week,  we're naming him little feather. not after little feather in the disney movie. little feather the imaginary brick mason who hangs out with the queen of england. i mean if you are just an ordinary rabbit, might as well create your own fantasy world. 
so we have never participated in beauty pageants... but i am seriously considering hitting the "ordinary house cat" pageant circuit. "my kid cat needs to model!"

because this face (minus the evil death stare) is surely a "grand kitty supreme." definitely adding this one to her portfolio. (two steps closer...)

and here's to the future generation of crazy cat ladies...
she may just be the "grand cat lady supreme."

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