Ella's party

Congratulation Ella! 
Your family really knows how to throw a party!

the end.

woo-hoo ~ awards days mark the very end of the school year! 
a quick run down of the accolades. i can tell you one award we did not receive: perfect attendance. my girls only missed two days, but to miss none?! those kids need trophies four feet high!

anna katherine received a lamp of knowledge in sculpture. 
i smiled when i walked in the high school awards ceremony. see, we didn't go to a lot of these with my son ;) he did receive awards for high test scores, but we never knew. so when i drove up and the parking lot wasn't in maximum overflow and the gym wasn't standing room only, i smiled. seems a lot of  parents do not feel the need to attend.

another stellar video from yours truly!
that's a "just kidding ;)"

the lamps of knowledge are kind of a big deal. when bennett saw hers sitting on the counter he seemed to gasp, "Is this a lamp of knowledge?" like, "is this a million dollar bill?" of course he had to tease his sister that her lamp was for a fine arts. i reminded him that if there was a lamp for tardies, his name would have been all over that. "now hands off the lamp!"

mary claire celebrated field day ~ on memorial day.
picture by missy reese

just like the may pole, the fifth grade has certain rites of passages into middle school. this includes tug of war!
the fifth grade GIRLS won  (with some adult help at the end)
the awards day for the lower school ~ standing room ONLY! park in the overflow lot across the street and hike to the gym! and it's a lovely two hours long! somehow jeff always has a meeting on lower school awards day;)

mary claire is serious about some reading. she starts working on her reading goal in the summer. she is so easy to freak out, "you don't want to not make your goal do you?" then she begs to go to the library. i will say, if there's a lamp of knowledge in drama, this girl is already a contendar!

she made high honors for he year. i do not pressure her about her grades. she tends to pressure herself right into a puddle of tears. (again, we deserve this after jimmy neutron)

last on the awards day is girls in action. 
fifth grade girls earned a full sash!

set aside all the accolades.... when children learn to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, our one true lamp of knowledge, this is the best reward ever! 
 thank you suzanne hall for running home and getting her camera! 
where would i be without you!?

now bring on summertime!

little league

yesterday was my nephew's last little league game of the season. talk about cute! one more picture on this post and the cuteness would crash the internet!
every child on the field was equally adorable! i am very hesitant of posting pictures of other people's children without their permission. so i focused on four little boys not only because they are crazy cute, but also because i know their parents. 

roger ~ william ~ sam ~ joshua


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