24 hours

hello friday night at home with nothing to do except enjoy!
mary claire and her buddy anne marie found a turtle at the end of our driveway.
and you know when you find a neat creature one must imprison it and make it a pet.
i agreed to allow this turtle to be a pet for 24 hours. 

i  watched the dog while the girls ran to the house to fetch a proper jail cell rubbermaid.
hang in there innocent turtle, it's only a 24 hour sentence. 
 i had a flashback of charlie and the snake. 
i wish i didn't think this dog was such an idiot a whimp.

moments before he was terrorizing our bunny. enough to convince jeff he needs a shock collar.

 that's him leaping in the air because box turtles are a heck of a lot scarier than a bunny ;)
idiot whimp.
 see those plastic gloves and hand sanitizer?
that's a big fat √ mark on my parenting list.

instill a mortal fear of turtle salmonella germs  

they played with their pet turtle for an entire 24 hours and then he was free at last!
thank God almighty, free at last!

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