fine. don't feed them.

my sister has two cats, chocolate and wednesday. they are from one of our litters a few years ago. back in the day when we were house cat breeders ;) my sister says these cats are so finicky, they refuse certain brands of "soft" cat food. (did you say soft food?!) at our house cats are fed soft food for one reason: child cat birth. one must birth a batch of kittens. and then it is only a walmart 4 pack.

 we purchase our dry catfood in bulk from sam's club. (or from the dollar general when we run out) sometimes a giant bag will last a lot longer than it should. 
mary claire's job is to feed the cats
once a day!

this is our daily song and dance:  have you fed the cats? feed the cats. Jeff she has still not fed the cats.(that gets me no where) how about we not feed you today. MARY CLAIRE! FEED THE CATS ~ NOW!  feed them or i am taking one cat at a time to the pound. (we haven't seen jillyboo in a week and i am using this to my advantage) 

our cats are not starving. cats are hunters. i pretend my super cats have  diets that consist of ten  snakes a day. 

on the mornings when mary claire forgets, it's feline mayhem. making it almost impossible to leave of my driveway.

  this week i filled the auto cat feeder on my office porch. i had forgotten why i stopped doing this. an endless supply of food attracts everything. 

i have a small soft spot for opossums. i once ran upon a momma  with all her babies clinging to her back. i stopped and watched this for awhile. seeing this mother care for her babies made me a opossum lover (as long as keep a very safe distance. like 20 feet.)  

so now our "feed the cats" song and dance includes: 

"fine ~ don't feed the cats.  i will fill the feeder and they will get rabies from the opossum. and die one by one. i sure wouldn't want a dead cat on my conscience. but that's just me"

(you know i am kidding, all these cats are really mine!)

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