food and ecuador

i knew one of my biggest challenges was going to be the food. i wasn’t apprehensive of eating guinea pigs or drinking the water.  i was afraid because i know my limitations and i know my weaknesses. celiac disease and the amazing bakeries on every corner could be the death of me ;) and almost were.

it's true, bakeries in machachi are like starbucks in america, there's one on every corner.  the chocolate bread everyone raves about... have mercy. it was to die for. which is exactly how i felt three days later.

i took so many pictures of the food, however only one of a bakery. #saywhat! a subconscious jealous protest.

i find different cultures to be fascinating. looking at things through american eyes. imagining the ecuadorians looking at our things through their eyes. 
the fruits and vegetables... have mercy.  the selection at our whole foods market pales in comparison to the fruits and vegetables sold here.

 eggs so fresh they are not refrigerated.
i purchased many a coca light at this market by our hostel
at the cash register was a tray of fresh goat cheese, preserves and rolls. i think i asked every time  if any team member had tried the cheese?  because i really wanted to try the cheese ;)  

hello brilliant name for cat food !
 back to how fascinating it is that so many different cultures can exist in one world.  for example the street vendors...

this lady was selling fresh fruit to school children. a wave of envy rushed over me seeing waves of school kids eating cups of fruit. so much better than fast food! 

the vendor in front of the catholic church grabbed my attention everyday. that stack of good looking fried things... those are giant pig skins. i am personally not a fan of pig skins, but imaging these at the boykin christmas parade. they would disappear in minutes!

 fresh cactus... i tried it and it's delicious!

every culture loves a food court!

 and slushies 
there was a familiar twist on the food sold at the market in quito.
those green things are sugar coated figs... they are on the top ten great things to eat while in ecuador!

 i was loving the creative chicken restaurant  names. the sexy chicken in belize still holds my most creative name.

then we saw this...
that would be our president on that sign.
{not nice}

our team leader took very good care of us. 
she knew what we could safely eat. 

on our excursion day we enjoyed lunch at a nice restaurant.  
"oh help american prices!" 

i could have licked my plate... maybe i did ;)
talk about fresh meat!

 so here it is. the guinea pigs that are a delicacy in ecuador. i am so glad i was able to snap these pictures even if they were from a moving car. 
we (not we, as in me, but americans) eat rabbits. 
are they really all that different?
something different fur coat.

 next trip i am determined to break out of my comfort zone a little. i am not a picky eater, but i am not one to not try new things. it may take a few trips to work up to sampling guniea pig. i haven't worked up to tasting american rabbit either.  but i am going to try a few new things... maybe in the bakery ;)
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