i spy summertime!

today we made our first trip to the lake. jeff has to slowly acclimate himself to the boat ~ every season.  just like cats my husband  swears he hates them, but he is really a cat lover too. only on a much smaller scale. like a tee-tiny scale. 

he claims boats drive him nuts, but he really loves them. just like i do, but on a smaller scale. i love a boat when it is in the water. he loves a boat when it needs fixing. he loves taking things apart, reading owners manuals, and solving the problem. so one squeak and immediately the engine is failing ;) or something catastrophic. however i am very appreciative of his caution and care. if it wasn't for him this family would have smoking engines and bald tires.  thanks to him all of our engines are well oiled machines. anyway. did i mention i like a boat when it is in the water?

i wanted to spend sunday afternoon on the lake, so putting the boat in on friday allows jeff to continue his acclimation process (which will involve several trips to the parts store) for two days. 

 the lake: i think we were the only ones there with the exception of a few fishing boats. the water was like glass and the sky... breathtaking ~ thanks tropical storm anna who is lingering near our coast.  

mary claire and anne marie could have tubed for hours! in fact they did tube for a couple of hours. so much i had to make them stop for a finger breaks. holding on is a beast and these ladies think the faster, the better. 

 before scrolling the images, before we appear as negligent parents ... we were't really going "that" fast. the images look a tad bit death-defying... especially to anne marie's mom.

 getting excited with summertime  right around the corner!

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